Along with our famous Yamashita Gyokuro, Maiko Tea offers a great selection of superior Sencha, Matcha, Houjicha, Genmaicha and other teas from the Kyoto region. Our assortment ranges from exclusive tea, which the Emperor of Japan embibes, to easily prepared tea for your daily consumption such as our “tetra” teabag items. Naturally, first and foremost we recommend the products of our tea master, Yamashita Toshikazu. Our Yamashita Gyokuro has a rich sweet taste with a characteristic luscious fragrance. It is uniquely complex yet gentle and easy going. The production of this 'expert' tea is limited to a few kilograms a year since it's processing is extremely detailed and time consuming. The resulting Yamashita Gyokuro has thick tea leaves that maintain their pleasant flavor up to 4-5 infusions.


Our ultra-high quality “Yamashita Gyokuro” is grown at the tea gardens surrounding the residence of Maiko Tea's renowned tea expert, Yamashita Toshikazu. He watches daily over the production of this exquisite premium tea and makes sure that every step of cultivation and manufacturing is done with great care, attention and skill.Link to the products


encha is the most commonly consumed tea in the country, accounting for 75% of the green tea produced in Japan. It is enjoyed for daily all over Japan. The tea plants are grown in open-air tea fields and exposed to sunlight up until harvest. The buds are picked, steamed, then dried and kneaded.
Sencha has a uniquely fresh aroma and refined astringency. Although all Sencha contains caffeine, the effects are mild in the presence of nutrients and vitamins in the tea leaves.
However, it is known to be quite healthful and revitalizing.
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Happines tea (Shiawase Cha)

Our own bold concept in creating this original and new product was to produce a tea that promotes a relaxed experience with others full of laughter and joy. This “Happiness Tea” is designed for gatherings with family and friends. It is our hope it is used to help in times of social harmony, relaxing everyone while they share pleasant conversation mingled with joyful laughter. Shiawase Cha includes many high-quality ingredients: the finest Uji Matcha, supreme Karigane tea, Genmaicha, and Hokkaido Rishiri kelp. They are carefully blended to produce a wonderfully harmonious composition. The flavour of this sublime mixture has a particularly calming and relaxing effect.
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Sweets made with Kyoto prefecture Uji Matcha

Maikotea Japan also increased its selection of sweets made with tea in recent years, and we offer now a wide range of such products.

We produce delicious Matcha ball chocolate, which is also sold at the Kansai airport, Matcha strawberry (freeze dried strawberries covered with Uji Matcha chocolate), and various others such as Gyokuro Choko Okaki made with luxurious Gyokuro powder.

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Gift set items

Surprise your neighbours, friends, or loved ones with one of our exceptional gift assortments. 
Please enjoy our fine collection of leaf teas from our tea gardens, packaged in exquisite decorative canisters and gift boxes.

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Tea utensils

Maikotea Japan offers a wide selection of various tea-wares used to enjoy our delicious teas in a traditional and appropriate fashion.
Our selection includes traditional tea-ware for Gyokuro, Sencha, and Matcha such as bowls, whisks and other essential accessories. Our tea-ware is designed to enhance the taste of the type of tea for which it is used.

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