Preparing your tea

Some people say that brewing tea the Japanese way is a bit difficult and cumbersome. However, there are many ways to enjoy the preparation of tea.
For instance, the same tea leaves can create
several kinds of flavors depending on how they are brewed.
With high quality tea, a better flavor can be derived using water significantly below boiling. However, high quality tea will also taste delicious if brewed with very hot water.

The taste of tea also changes depending on the ratio of tea leaves to water, the steeping time, the type of tea ware, etc. 

On this page we will introduce you how to make various tea types in general. But over time, as you become more experienced, we would like you to find the taste you personally like the best.

Please find your own way of brewing. Always make your tea so you find it enjoyable.


How to prepare Gyokuro

Gyokuro is commonly brewed in a small teapot called a houhin.
Most Gyokuro tea pots are completely round and have no handle since they are used for brewing with lower temperature water.
In our shop you will find special Gyokuro tea pots which enhance the enjoyment of your favorite tea.
You will also find tea pots for Sencha that have handles. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure which one you should buy.

Link to Maikotea's tea ware selection

How to prepare Sencha

For Sencha pour hot water that has been cooled off to about 70 degrees Celsius, about 160 degrees Fahrenheit, into the tea pot and let it steep for about one minute to enjoy the classic Sencha taste.
The water used for Sencha should be somewhat hotter than for Gyokuro but try various temperatures to find out which way is most delicious for you.
Customers who enjoy a more astringent infusion should raise the water temperature and those who prefer a milder version should lower the temperature. 
You might also want to try out different teapots to find your personal favorite.

How to prepare Matcha

A small bamboo whisk is used to prepare Matcha. Some people might hesitate, thinking that it is too cumbersome but it is actually not difficult. Matcha contains plenty of catechin, a powerful antioxidant, which is perfect for a healthy diet. 

When preparing matcha be careful that no lumps remain.
To avoid lumps, first pour just a little cold water on the Matcha and whisk it briskly with short quick movements to create a paste. Then add hot water and whisk till smooth with no lumps. This 2 part method makes it easy to significantly reduce the amount of lumps.

With cooler water your Matcha will become more mild and savory
It only takes a minute to whisk, so please try it!

How to prepare Happiness tea

Shiawase Cha (Happiness Tea) can be prepared with any kind of hot water. It is an original Maiko Tea blend.
The Shiawase Cha blend contains Matcha as shown in the picture. It produces a luscious green infusion. Uniquely, the color and taste changes with the second and third infusion.
Since it can be prepared with any degree of hot water it is easy to serve.

Please try this original Maiko Tea blend. It’s a marvelous change from other types of tea!