Morning Sencha

When you wake, Let's refresh and get going with caffeine.

Sencha is recommended in the morning.  Since caffeine and its bitter companion tannin increase their effect with hot water, please prepare your morning tea with hot water. Sencha releases more caffeine when made with hot water so it is also suitable right after lunch when one tends to get sleepy. It’s also great for times of work and study.

While eating, we recommend bancha, hojicha or genmaicha, a roasted barley tea. After your meal, we recommend Sencha or Konacha.

Hojicha utilizes the stems and veins of sencha and gyokuro. It goes well with Japanese meals (fresh Japanese food, deep fried foods and so on). Bancha, a roasted green tea picked in later Summer or Fall, is characterized by a light and smokey taste and aroma. Barley tea, genmaicha, and hojicha contain less caffeine. So you may drink as much as is suitable to your tastes during a meal.

Of course, you can drink these anytime you desire to quench your thirst, not just during meals.

Please try Sencha or Konacha after you eat.

Catechin contained in green tea is said to be effective for halitosis, among other ailments, and is noted by health experts as a potent and healthful antioxidant.
After eating, we recommend Sencha because it contains ingredients like catechin that refresh the inside of the mouth. In addition, because konacha (powdered tea) is a more intense style of tea it also is effective with oral hygeine. We particularly recommend konacha for after your meals.

Gyokuro and matcha are great for snack time !

Any type of tea is tasty when it’s time to relax, but especially recommended is Gyokuro which is rich and soothing. In summer, cold brewed gyokuro with its deep refreshing taste fits in very well with sweets. In the same way, matcha also goes well with Japanese and Western sweets. For the preparation of gyokuro and matcha please click here (LINK)
Enjoy a complex and rich tea while enjoying your sweets.

In the evening, try hojicha or barley tea

Tea you can enjoy without worrying about caffeine.

Before you go to bed you might want to drink hojicha or Genmaicha, barley tea. Genmaicha and hojicha taste great chilled and are especially good on very hot days to help with rehydration.